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The Gold Movie Awards® were conceptualised from the minds of many film industry professionals and created by Italian director Marco Recalchi, Irish actor and producer Jason Matthewson, and Antony Reolon in partnership with The Old Film Farm, ikon Films and Skyup Academy. The GMA’s were created to showcase the best in upcoming and seasoned filmmakers alike and to give them a place to have their work screened and awarded in a professional setting.

The Gold Movie Awards® is an important Film Festival that is looking for the best independent movies across all genres and formats. The Gold Movie Awards® are proud to celebrate both independent and commercial film and television.

 Unlike some other festivals of this kind, Gold Movie Awards® takes the award giving very seriously and only do so after a very careful evaluation. Our judged are a very carefully chosen group of globally recognised filmmakers across all departments from acting, direction, writing, editing, music and many more. We provide clear motivation for our choice.

 We strongly believe that every movie is the result of hard work and, as such, they deserve our jury’s full attention during the evaluation and the best works deserve our acknowledgement and appreciation. Our company is based in London but we are an international Film Festival and our staff come from various countries across the globe. Our live screenings are held in multiple cities across the globe, offering the filmmaker the best opportunity to have their work seen and celebrated in the way we believe it deserves.

To provide the very best to our guests, affiliates and partners The Gold Movie Awards® have partnered with London Flair Pr to ensure the best and widest global media coverage.


61 products
  • Tarkine Together
  • Beautiful Wounds
  • Looking Glass
  • The Cancer Monster
  • Beyond The Secret - The Awakening
  • Eternal
  • If We Had Tomorrow
  • Break of Day
  • Mr. Motor
  • Stay Sane
  • Johnny McCore - Some Fun
  • The Wetlands
  • Mordecai's Girl
  • Lemon Milk
  • Damien
  • Lotus
  • A Couple of Wheels
  • Anima
  • The Last Journey Home
  • Metamorphosis
  • Capo di Famiglia II
  • When You Were Young
  • Face2Face
  • The Monster's Club